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Hong Kong University Alumni Association

[FULL] HKUAA Visit to Daya Bay Nuclear Plant (香港大學校友會大亞灣核電廠參觀) (30 Sept 2017 - Sat)
by Professional Alumni Group

In collaboration with CLP (中電控股有限公司and HKNIC (香港核電投資有限公), HKUAA will run a cross-border technical visit to Daya Bay Nuclear Plant (大亞灣核電廠) in Shenzhen on 30 Sept 2017 (Sat). Details are shown as below:

Exclusive Visit for HKUAA members 

with sponsorship from CLP (中電控股有限公司

for Transportation, Insurance & Lunch

Relevant Websites:



30 Sep 2017 (Saturday)

Registration Time:
7: 15 am

Department Time:
Sharp at 7:30 am (No late comers will be waited)

 7:30am to 4:00pm

No. of participants
Maximum 40

  Coach provided to take participants to and from Daya Bay             

Assembly Point: 
 Kowloon Tong, MTR exit F

  Arranged to all participants in Daya Bay

in Cantonese

Fee Charged:
$50 (for HKUAA registration cost only)

Deadline for Registration:
8 Sept 2017 (Monday)

Time Schedule
07:30 Assembly Outside MTR Exit F of Kowloon Tong Station
09:45 – 10:00 Greeting at Daya Bay Public Relations Centre
10:00 – 11:00 Briefing on the nuclear power generation and safe operation of Daya Bay  
(1) Video display  
(2) Presentation and
(3) Q & As
11:00 – 11:40 Exhibition hall (display models of reactor, fuel assemblies and Daya Bay site)
11:40 – 11:55 Simulation room (briefing on training of plant operators)
11:55 – 12:30 Daya Bay viewing platform (Overview of the power plant)
12:30 – 14:00 Lunch
14:00 Departure from Shenzhen
(Subject to minor change)

HKNIC will cover and bear the expenses for the whole trip (including relevant insurance, transportation, lunch and logistics arrangement)

No refund will be entertained except the situation that the event is cancelled.

Each HKUAA member can register with 2 friends/relatives at the age of 18 or above (3 participants at max under each application by HKUAA member). Any outnumbered application (more than 3 registrants per registration) will not be considered. Extra fee paid will be forfeited.

Since there will be certain distance to walk around the Nuclear Plant during the visit, all applicants are expected to be physically active.  

For purpose of security and travel insurance, HKUAA will collect the following information on behalf of HKNIC (Note 1 at the end of this page: Disclaimers for the use of Personal Data ). Please fill in the following information together with the payment of HK$50 via Paypal during your registration on or before 8 Sept 2017 (Monday).
Information Required for Processing the Cross-Border Visit
(If you apply for your friend/relative, please also fill in the similar full set information during your registration. Any missing or incorrect items will make the registration void)

The following information should be filled in the Remark Box under REGISTER NOW! BUTTON at the end of the event page. Please submit it immediately after paying through PayPal system. If you have more than 1 participant, you can submit it twice (2nd) or twice (3rd)  for every participant information using the same HKUAA member name but all the payment fee (1-3) should be submitted in one transaction.

(A) Name in English (the same as ID Card)

Name in Chinese (the same as ID Card)


Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy) :

HKID / Passport No. :

PRC Re-Entry Permit / Visa number :

      Expiray Date: (dd/mm/yyyy) 

Occupation (Company with title)  

Contact Tel No.      


All successful applicants will be confirmed and notified by email 1-2 day(s) after registration deadline on 8 Sept 2017 (Monday).
It is expected that all applicants (after the receipt of confirmed email only) should send the scanned documents of HKID and PRC Re-entry Permit/Passport (in pdf/photo in small size but in clear resolution) to the designated email on or before 13 Sept 2017 (Sunday). Details will be announced to all confirmed applicants by formal email. Failure to provide relevant documents on time after confirmation of your place will make the whole registration and prior confirmation void. Fee paid will not be refunded

Note 1 : Disclaimers for the use of Personal Data from Hong Kong Nuclear Investment Company Limited (“HKNIC”)
Privacy Policy Statement for Guangdong Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station Visit
HKNIC requires the supply of your personal information to facilitate your application andorganise your visit to the Guangdong Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station (“Daya Bay”). Tobetter protect your privacy, we provide this notice explaining our practices and the use ofyour information collected by HKNIC.
The personal data that we collected
HKNIC requires the following information: your name in Chinese and English, gender,occupation, date of birth, HK Identity Card Number, details of your valid PRC Re-entryPermit or passport. We shall need the information two weeks in advance of your visit.
Please note that you are not required by law to provide the information but HKNIC may notbe able to arrange the visit to Daya Bay if the information is not complete or provided ontime.
How we use the personal data
We shall use the information for your travel arrangement, for meeting the operational,
security and entry requirements of the PRC business entity responsible for Daya Bay andfor meeting PRC law enforcement requirements.
The information will be used solely for the above purposes. We shall erase, or procurethat any third parties to erase, your personal information when it is no longerrequired for the visit.
Transfer of Personal Data
For the above purposes, we shall make available your personal data to our designated travelagent for your visit, and to the PRC business entity responsible for Daya Bay. We shall nottransfer your personal data to any third parties other than those indicated above unless suchtransfer is required for facilitating your visit to Daya Bay.

You are entitled to be informed and to correct any information that we keep of you. To access and correct any of your information, please address your request in writing to HKNIC, 8 Laguna Verde Avenue, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong. We may make a reasonable charge for complying with such a request.

Note2: Message from HKUAA (in Chinese only)

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