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10 Aug 2024
Countries in Pictures – Travel Talk Series – A Rendezvous with Guizhou (貴州邂逅) by Mr. Vincent WONG
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27 Jul 2024
HKUAA Gourmet Dinner on 27 July 2024 (Sat)
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27 Jul 2024
Popular Science Series – Paleontology in Pictures by Mr. Vincent WONG
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18 Jun 2024
Breakfast@Central - China’s Balancing Act: Regulating Big Tech vs Promoting Growth
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15 Jun 2024
New Graduates Welcome Party and HKU Alumni Prize Presentation on 15 June 2024 (Sat)
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1 Jun 2024
[FULL] HKUAA Guided Tour for the Exhibition Eternity in Transience at Tai Kwun
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1 Jun 2024
[FULL] HKUAA Music Talk & Lunch on 1 June 2024
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29 May 2024
Karaoke Party and Alumni Get-together by Professional Alumni Group
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Aug 24 Dialogue with the Bloggers - Travel and Blogging

HKUAA Blog presents:

Dialogue with the Bloggers - Travel and Blogging



"Let your memory be your travel bag!" Every traveler has his own story. Here in our upcoming Dialogue with the Bloggers session we have invited two speakers who have not only traveled wide and far, but has also captured the flavour of their unique journeys in words and share them with the world – through their BLOGS.

Ever tired of routine package tours with itineraries made up of seemingly nothing but shopping and sightseeing? Ever dreamt of having an exotic adventure of your own; making friends with the locals; and sharing the life stories of your fellow backpackers? What it is like to be a professional travel writer/ blogger? Want to learn more about some of the greatest takeaways from our speakers' traveling experience? Come and join us, and be ready to share your own story as well!

Date:               24th August, 2013 (Saturday)

Time:               2:30pm – 4:30pm

Fee:                 $60 per person / $100 for 2 people (1 drink included)

Language:       Cantonese

Venue:             HKUAA Clubhouse in Central




Speakers’ profile

Virginia Tam, professional travel writer, author of 10 guide books

A passionate voyager with an adventurous spirit, Virginia Tam is not only a veteran traveler, but has also experienced life within different cultures around the globe. Inspired by one of her journeys, she started off in 2002 as a professional travel writer; got featured in newspapers and magazines since; and had her first travel guide published in 2007. Up till now, she has been the author of 10 guide books. She has a blog that includes her selected works and some other interesting stories. She is a big coffee fan as well, from time to time she would write articles and hold workshops on the topic.



Stephanie Man, writer of "Raconteur Lab - The 101 Ordinary People"

Stephanie Man is currently a BBA(IBGM) student in the University of Hong Kong. Inspired by an exhibition in Gothenborg during her exchange studies, she started a project titled "Raconteur Lab - The 101 Ordinary People", which shared stories of the people she met along the journey - the Rainbow Community, an African girl who wants to change the inequality in her hometown, a Danish child who masters woodwork, and 40 more. This summer, she is working on a program called "Artizen" (藝民邨) for underprivileged children, in hopes of borrowing their alternative lens to see our society, while bringing arts "Into the Community".



About HKUAA Blog

The HKUAA Blog is founded by the HKU Alumni Association as an official channel to share the latest news and interesting stories of both the HKU and alumni community. Through experience and knowledge sharing from our alumni, we hope our students and alumni can stay connected to bring together a closer and stronger alumni community.


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Please note that payment is non-refundable. We will charge you only if has place(s) for you. However, you will NOT be charged when the event is full or/and no place(s) for you. We will advise whether you get place(s) in due course.

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HKUAA reserves all the rights to make final decision on all related issues.


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